Monday, October 27, 2008

Ambassador to the blogdom of

Although I do not know Barack Obama and do not expect to receive a political appointment from him as a result of the impending regime change in DC, I can say I have received an equivalent honor. Mike May of has officially accepted my application to be a GamJams ambassador. Mike may have gotten sick and tired of my pestering him (think SpongeBob Squarepants asking Squidward for art lessons) for the position but I finally wore down his resistance. Regardless, I will now have to blog more frequently and provide more content given this lofty position. Mr. May, I will make my best effort to carry on the fine tradition set by last years GamJams Ambassadors. While I strive to blog like the Unholy Rouleur or Kyle at Pedal n' Around, well maybe not like Kyle, those of you who would like to measure the pending improvement may want to take a look at my previous posts/race reports/blather. I recommend you use my previous posts in lieu of Nyquil or as a possible cure for insomnia. Warning: please do not read while driving, extremely dangerous! Bye for now, mhh